• .NETZ open-source tool that compresses the Microsoft .NET Framework executable files in order to make them smaller. Smaller executables consume less disk space and load faster because of fewer disk accesses. (2010)

  • AppStarter seamless web based application deployment tool for Microsoft Windows. (2010)

  • Simplicity Home Theater file browser and launcher for home theater personal computers. (2011)

  • Numeric Sort in C# introduces numeric string sort and explains an implementation in .NET C#. (2005)

  • Web Spider multi-client web spider (.Net remoting web spider demo) written in C#. The multi-threaded spider runs in server and accepts spider tasks from remote clients. The results of the spider tasks are returned back to the clients, when they are still connected; or when clients request the results explicitly; or are deleted after a timeout. (2003)

  • ColorMatrix image hue saturation contrast brightness in C# .NET GDI+. Port of QColorMatrix. (2011)

  • Dependecy Resolver produces a weak ordering based on declarative before and after dependencies. (2013)

  • XPath Namespaces Extension for Linq to Xml - improved way to use XPath with namespaces with Linq to Xml. (2012)

  • BabyFun program for young children that blocks the access to your computer system via keyboard and mouse and uses any such input exclusively for fun. (2010)

  • Cr!ptAES free encryption tool. It supports the following encryption algorithms in CBC mode: AES - 128, 192, or 256 bit keys; Blowfish - 128, 192, 256, or 448 bit keys; and Serpent - 128, 192, or 256 bit keys. (2008)

  • NmeaSharp extensible NMEA GPS output message parser in C# (external site link). (2010)

  • AES CBC Stream Cipher in C# open source implementation of a CBC stream cipher in C#, with two wrappers for AES, that is fully compatible with .NET Rijndael, and a discussion on password based cryptography issues. (2004)

  • ADC post-processor tool prototype that checks .NET attribute dependencies after the code has been compiled using .NET Reflection API. (2004)

  • FileWatcher watches whether new files equal to the existing ones are created inside a folder. If equal files are found, then the user is notified and optionally the new repeated file is removed into a sub folder. (2004)


  • WCF Cookies - using a custom authentication cookie with WCF. (2011)

  • WCF REST - a plain self hosted XML REST service styled with XSLT in WCF. (2011)

  • WCF Context - a WCF-like, WCF-independent, per-thread application context. (2011)

C / C++

  • PocketPC Process Explorer free tool for PocketPC & WindowsCE that reports a variety of data about the processes running on a PocketPC or WindowsCE device. (2005)

  • Group Manager (C++) automated system for managing groups of related user interface entities transparently. (2004)

  • vNotes program for keeping notes. The notes can be organized as a tree with sub notes, regarding a given topic. Visual C++ 6 (MFC), Microsoft.XMLDOM. (2003)

  • AnA Language simple interpreted programming language with syntax similar to C, implemented for teaching purposes in portable ANSI C, using Flex and Bison. (2001)

  • Magic Squares C program to generate magic squares made of subsequent natural numbers, whose sums for each row, column, and the two main diagonals are equal. (2000)

  • AES command-line tool that encrypts a file using AES in CBC mode (Windows / Linux). (2008)

  • Base32 encoding source code in portable C++. The implementation does no padding of the output. (2007)

  • NSH two iterative methods for finding the roots of polynomials with complex coefficients in C. (1996)


  • MobCon generative container framework prototype for mobile applications targeting Java 2 Micro Edition Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0. (2005)

  • HDBData tool for creating backups of JDBC databases (ie., databases accessible from SUN JDBC API drivers) in XML files. (1999)

  • TGen JDBC database to Java 1.1 code generator. (1999)

  • AlbPad text editor and spell checker for Albanian language. (2003)


  • PHPCode example of emitting source code examples from PHP pages. (2013)

  • MultiPass online password generator to use same master password for multiple web site accounts. (2009)

  • Klarity ready to use PHP script that parses RSS1.0, RSS2.0 and ATOM news feeds and outputs HTML. (2009)


  • Image Viewer simple image viewer (tested with Python 2.7 and 3.3). (2012)

  • Qt / PySide getting started with Qt and PySide on Ubuntu. (2013)


  • Local Movie Browser (NodeJs) local web server that lists local movie files information. (2014)

  • My Durandal.js Clone sample minimal Durandal-like view-viewmodel client-side framework. (2014)

  • vkGrid simple KnockoutJs grid custom binding. (2014)

  • Poker Game writen in JavaScript 1.2. It runs on both Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape 4+ browsers. (2001)

  • ShtypShqip free Firefox extension that enables typing ee and cc in text fields for two Latin1 Albanian letters. (2005)

  • Roman Numerals Roman to Arabic numerals and vice versa conversion tool. (2001)

  • Calendar full-featured single-page customizable cross-browser calendar in Javascript. (2001)